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A Year in Review

Looking Back at Science 2011
Joining in the New Year's tradition of compiling year-end top and "best of" lists, Science Buddies has put together a group of top lists for 2011. In this newsletter, check out our favorite Project Ideas, your favorite Project Ideas, newest Project Ideas, most popular areas of science at Science Buddies, and notable science headlines.

News Top Science Headlines from 2011
Exciting science makes news headlines every day. From the tsunami in Japan to a community of online gamers working together to help crack HIV to the search for habitable exoplanets and the end of NASA's space shuttle program, here is a roundup of science stories that stood out for us in 2011. These discoveries, disasters, investigations, and stories happened last year, but students can get started today continuing the exploration and making their own connections and discoveries! Our list of Project Ideas related to each top science story helps them get started.

Top Picks Our Favorite New Project Ideas
We asked Science Buddies staff members which new Project Ideas from 2011 most caught their interest... and why. Check out our top picks!

Hot Science Buddies Project Ideas in 2011

The following Project Ideas from the Science Buddies library of more than 1000 Project Ideas were especially popular among students in 2011:
Most Popular Areas of Science in 2011
The following areas of science received the most student traffic on the Science Buddies website in 2011:
  1. Cooking & Food Science  
  2. Chemistry 
  3. Electricity & Electronics 
  4. Human Behavior 
  5. Music 
  6. Physics 
  7. Sports 
  8. Environmental Science  
  9. Energy & Power  
  10. Plant Biology
  11. Human Biology & Health
  12. Video & Computer Games 

Newest Science Buddies Project Ideas

Do you like to work on the cutting edge? The following Project Ideas are the most recent additions to the Science Buddies library:


Support for Science Buddies Project Kits 

Science Buddies Project Ideas KitsScience Buddies project kits make it even easier to gather materials for an exciting science project. If you are working on a Project Idea using a Science Buddies kit, be sure and check out the resources available in the Ask an Expert forums for kits.

Science Fair Project Display Boards

Project Display Board
The time students spend on their project display boards can make a difference in how their projects do at the fair. Our Science Fair Project Display Boards resource offers information about putting together a science project display board--including a handy checklist. For a full range of Elmer's Logo display boards and adhesives that can help as students get ready to showcase their science projects, visit Elmer's!

Science Buddies and Astellas Launch Chemistry Contest  

Are your students working on chemistry projects for a class assignment or for a local science fair?

Chemistry Contest

Students in grades 6-8 are encouraged to enter the 2012 Rosalind Franklin Chemistry Contest sponsored by Astellas. Original chemistry projects and projects based on Science Buddies Chemistry Project Ideas can be entered. Deadline: April 1, 2012. See full contest guidelines for details.

New Series of Short Experiments Enable Hands-on Classroom Exploration 

Science Buddies Classroom Activities help teachers integrate engaging in-class science projects. Guides are provided for both educators and students, and each activity takes 30 minutes or less (including prep time):

Science Buddies and Scientific American Team Up to Encourage Family Science

Don't miss these Science Buddies activities, perfect for informal or at-home exploration, on the Scientific American site:

Looking for a Perfect Project for You?

Our Topic Selection Wizard can help guide you to a science project that fits your areas of interest and meets science fair requirements. Give it a try today!



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