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Create a Stunning Display Board  

Project Display Board
The display board for a science project may be the last step before the fair, but don't underestimate its importance! A stunning and scientifically sound project, even one with breakthrough results, needs to be supported by a well-planned and well-designed project display board. We recommend that students keep in mind the "full package" mentality and, above all else, leave plenty of time for working on the display board.

Elmer's Products LogoOur project display board resources, sponsored by Elmer's® Products, Inc., help students effectively plan and create successful display boards. The following pages offer tips, tricks, techniques, and plenty of examples, to help students know what "to do" and what "not to do" on a display board:

Chemistry Contest--Deadline April 1, 2012 

Enter Chemistry Contest

The deadline for the Rosalind Franklin Chemistry Contest is only a few weeks away. If you have students who worked on food sciences, biotech, or chemistry projects this year, please encourage them to enter. We've prepared a handout you can distribute to your classes, make available at the science fair, post to your classroom blog, or hang on a bulletin board at school. Help us reinforce and reward the exciting work students are doing in chemistry! 

The contest is sponsored by Science Buddies and
the Astellas USA Foundation.

Science Connections and Student Successes

RiceArsenic and Rice
Arsenic is a naturally occurring heavy metal, 33 on the periodic table. In certain amounts, arsenic can be toxic. Learn more about recent reports of the connection between arsenic and common foods and fruit juices.

Student Success Family Health History Sparks Student Project
Using a simple, homemade respirometer, Devon, a seventh grader, explored the relationship between carbon dioxide output and exercise. Her science project gave her a better understanding of a family health issue. 

Science Buddies Helps Scientific American Bring Science Home Family Science
Many of the weekly installments in Scientific American's Bring Science Home section have been developed by Science Buddies as fast, family-friendly science explorations. These adaptations of our longer Project Ideas encourage hands-on family science.

Student Success Ask an Expert Assists Biofuel Exploration
Naima found support for her eighth grade environmental science project in the Ask an Expert forums. An Expert volunteer from Bio-Rad Laboratories guided Naima as she worked through the stages of her exploration of using newspaper to create biofuel.

New Science Buddies  Project Kits

Science Buddies Kit
Which magnets should you buy? How much agarose do you need? With a Science Buddies kit, you'll get the right supplies for the project, all in one box!

Science Buddies project kits make purchasing materials for a Project Idea convenient and easy. Plus, shipping and handling is free in the U.S.!

Kits are now available for the following Science Buddies Project Ideas: All orders are processed by our partner, AquaPhoenix Education, and 10% of the purchase price helps support Science Buddies.

Considering Summer Camp? Give a Science Camp a Try.

Summer Science Camp

With summer just around the corner, parents and students have started mapping out the weeks of summer, hoping to find a balance between free time and educational and enriching camps, programs, and activities. Our Summer Science Camp Resource can help you locate an exciting science program in your area. Science camps are both fun and educational! Plus, science camps let students explore science with hands-on, immersive activities.

Camp Directors and After-School Program Leaders

If you lead a science or engineering summer or after-school program, you are invited to contribute to the MOST-Science project. The nationwide research study is taking a comprehensive look at youth science opportunities that take place outside of school. Visit the MOST-Science website to learn more.

How Did Your Students' Projects Turn Out?

Did your students complete exciting science projects this year? We would love to hear about their successes and your overall experience using Science Buddies. If you used the Topic Selection Wizard with your students or consulted other Science Buddies resources in your class, we would love to hear your story. Contact

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