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DIY Putty Image; Science Buddies'Silly' Science: Playing with Putty
Got glue? Mixing up a batch of homemade putty (using Elmer's® glue and Borax) is a great way to explore polymers. Experiment with the "recipe" for squishy, bouncy, family fun. 

DIY Putty Image; Science Buddies
DIY Hovercraft Races
Make your own hovercraft vehicles from foam board, CDs, or even paper plates! This simple, hands-on activity offers a balloon-powered look at the aerodynamics of hovercraft.

Skytree Tower; WikipediaTower Talk
You can use LEGO®, spaghetti, or even newspaper to build towers and learn more about structural design and engineering. How tall a tower can your students build? 

All Summer Long


Roller coaster; BigStock Creative Summer Science
A science collection can be a wonderful exercise in observation and classification. Encourage your students to start a collection, scavenge for new samples, and show off the growing collection with a display board.  
Summer ReadingMaking Room for Math
Opportunities for everyday math can add up! We've got suggestions for math-focused activities and reading to help keep the numbers clicking all summer long.  
Jump Image; Bigstock
Supporting Family Science
A series of fun and accessible family science projects from Science Buddies and Scientific American make it easy to add family science to your together-time activities. 


Smelly Science!
As a sixth-grade student with an interest in history, Emily Aguilar turned an ordinary hot dog into a stinky but winning science project on mummification.

What science activities do you suggest to your students over the summer? Email us a short summary (one to three sentences) and let us know your tips for summer science exploration!


Science Buddies and Summer Science

Science Buddies has resources for hands-on science all year long! For other summer science suggestions and activities, see:

Learn Video Game Design

Gamestar Mechanic Summer Video Game Design Course
A new online video game design program from the makers of Gamestar Mechanic offers student video game enthusiasts the chance to move from player to designer, with the help of industry pros. Find out more about the program, how it differs from Gamestar Mechanic, and how developers believe this new "camp" helps meet the need for aspiring game designers. Four-week sessions begin weekly through August 6. 



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