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Science Buddies is a 501(c)(3) charity that continues to offer science resources to students and teachers 
free of charge thanks to generous support from donors like Elmer's® Products.

Inspiring Science Success

To help kick off the new school year, and to inspire and excite you about hands-on science, we are spotlighting new Science Buddies in Action stories. Every year, teachers and students succeed with the help and support of Science Buddies. What science questions will you ask? What aha! moments will your students experience? What might your students create, invent, test, discover, and explore this school year--with science?
J. Andraka Success Story
High School Scientist Develops Cancer Screening Test 
Jack Andraka swept the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair last year. Learn more about this top teen scientist.

Teacher Image
A Teacher's Favorite Tool
For Lisa Niver Rajna, a science teacher in Los Angeles, the Topic Selection Wizard is the key to matching students with great science Project Ideas. 

Science Buddies in ActionUsing Video Games for Science Project Testing
Andrew, a fourth-grade student, put "distracted driving" to the test using a popular video game.

Success Story
Middle School Student Builds on MIT Research 
Matthew, a sixth-grade student, combined interests in chemistry and renewable energy by exploring ways to break up water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen.



Classroom Resources


Science Buddies Project Kits Project Kits
Science Buddies Project Kits make it even easier to perform one of our popular Project Ideas. All the materials a student needs for the project arrive in one box.
Science Buddies Classroom ActivitiesClassroom Activities
To encourage and support hands-on science exploration, Classroom Activities are designed to be conducted in a short amount of time. Guides for both teachers and students are provided.
Topic Selection Wizard Find a Project Idea
Science Buddies has more than 1,000 Project Ideas in more than 30 areas of science. Students can browse the library, search by keyword, or use the Topic Selection Wizard to get individualized recommendations.
Science Buddies Project Display BoardsProject Display Boards
A student's science project display board lets her show off and share her project in class and at the science fair. Science Buddies' Project Display Board Guide walks students through layout, fonts, sizing, and more. Get started by selecting a quality foam board from Elmer's Products.  
Elmer's Teacher's Club
Elmer's Teachers' Club
The Elmer's Teachers' Club is a free online resource designed to support educators. Members receive a monthly newsletter, project suggestions, product news, and links to helpful resources, including online curriculum. To sign up, visit




Other Resources


Family ScienceFueling Family Science
Science is not just for classrooms, and Science Buddies and Elmer's Products are dedicated to helping parents uncover the science around them--all year long. Find fun and exciting family science activities on our Hands-on Science Activities page, part of our Parent Resources. 

DIY Science

Throughout the summer, we posted suggestions for engaging hands-on science explorations and activities you may find helpful with your classes, or at home, including:


Zapping Zits
As a high school senior, Matthew did a microbiology project to test the effectiveness of various acne-treatment ingredients

What science project will you choose this year? What hands-on science will you introduce in your classroom? Email us a short summary, and you might end up featured in a future newsletter!


Capture the First Day with Elmer's

Elmer's 1st Day 
Elmer's 1st Day app helps you capture and organize important moments. The free app is great for back-to-school, but try it for other events and activities, too! 


New Project Ideas

The staff scientists at Science Buddies recently published these new Project Ideas:


Quarterly Teacher Drawing


Elmer's Products


Congratulations! A teacher at Lincoln Elementary School, won our most recent drawing for project display boards for her classroom, courtesy of Elmer's Products. Find out more.

Learn Video Game Design

Gamestar Mechanic Online Learning Program
A new online video game design program from the makers of Gamestar Mechanic offers student video game enthusiasts the opportunity to move from player to designer, with the help of industry pros. Find out more about this program for aspiring game designers. Six-week sessions begin weekly starting September 10. 



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