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Internet Safety for Parents

Do any of your family member's usernames or passwords include your birthdays, parts of your address, or your names? Are your children's Facebook photos public? Are your children tempted by those online ads to play a simple game to win a free ringtone or game console? The information below, along with the Science Buddies Internet Safety Guide, offers insightful information and tips to help your family members protect their identity and their privacy.


The Internet Keep Safe Coalition (iKeepSafe®) is a broad partnership—including governors, public health and educational professionals, and law enforcement—working together for the health and safety of youth online. Their website, www.ikeepsafe.org provides free, informative resources about how you can help your children use the Internet safely. Features include videos and tutorials, as well as lessons to share with your family.

Family Online Safety Guide

Symantec corporation offers an excellent resource for parents, providing safety tips and information about various Internet issues in relation to children, tweens, and teens. This Family Online Safety Guide is an excellent resource, packed with information about the benefits and risks of the Internet in relation to you, but most importantly, to your children. Highlights include:

For additional information about online safety, visit Symantec's Family Resource Website, which provides easy-to-understand insights about Internet safety issues, with materials designed for educators, parents and grandparents, and law enforcement.

Download Family Online Safety Guide (pdf)

Norton Online Family

The Symantec Foundation offers a unique, Web-based service, designed to help parents become more involved in their children's online lives. Norton Online Family is designed for parent-child collaboration, and not policing. In addition to offering the best protection for children, the service helps kids and parents set "house rules" together, with filters that are customizable to fit the needs of each family. Extremely easy to use, the service allows parents to monitor activities, such as Web surfing, IM chat, social networking, Web searches, and time spent online. Helping families stay safe online is extremely important to Symantec and Science Buddies. Visit onlinefamily.norton.com today.

Symantec Internet Safety Video Tips Science Fair Project with Video

The Symantec Family Resources website offers nine informative videos with invaluable Internet safety tips for parents. Marian Merritt, Symantec's Internet Safety Advocate (and a mom), sits down with a group of parents to discuss important Internet safety issues. We've included a few of these videos here. For a complete listing, visit Symantec's Family Resources website.

Internet Safety Guide

Review the Science Buddies Internet Safety Guide with your children, before they perform research. This guide offers many insightful tips to help your children stay safe online, in addition to dependable Internet safety websites you can visit for more information.

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