Chemistry Guidaince required

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Chemistry Guidaince required

Postby hasnain » Fri Aug 09, 2013 9:15 am


When we dissolve NaOH pellets in distilled water to make 10 molar NaOH solution. Overall solution weighs 8 gram. From this, how can we calculate the amount(in grams) of Na2O and H2O content?

Please confirm this equation:
Na2O + H2O ------> 2NaOH

I cannot be able to calculate from this equation. I suspect about this equation.

I hope you would definitely help me.

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Project Question: Amount of Na2O and H2O when NaOH pellets dissolve in water
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Re: Chemistry Guidaince required

Postby Craig_Bridge » Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:12 pm

I'm confused.
If you start with NaOH pellets and add water (H2O) then where did the Na2O come from? Your reaction equation is WRONG because neither side is x NaOH + y H2O to match your starting point!
You need to look up the definition of a "chemical solution" in a good dictionary.
Why do you think there is a "chemical change reaction" involved in disolving NaOH pellets in water? Admittedly, there is a state change because a solid + liquid turned into a liquid.
How do you expect anybody to be able to confirm that you actually ended up with 8 gr of 10M NaOH solution with the information provided?
How much did the NaOH pellets weigh to start with?
How much did the H2O weigh to start with?
While you are at it, what does 1 mole of NaOH weigh?
What is the definition of 10 Molar? Hint: units have to include weight and volume somehow!
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