Physical Chemist?

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Physical Chemist?

Postby mscho527 » Thu May 15, 2014 4:22 am

Hi. I'm a 11th grade student interested in pursuing career in chemistry.
I've only learned basic introductory chemistry (AP) and a bit organic chemistry, but I've till now found bonding mechanism quite interesting.
I, judging from my little knowledge in science, think physics would in future integrated to chemistry to make itself more quantitative.
I don't know for now if MO theory is really accepted and developed actively, but I want to study on theory like MO to have more rules to specify a chemical bonding.

To make myself more prepared, I'm planning to take some MOOC courses, as it isn't so easy for me to take courses in local college in my country.
I'm currently taking MIT's 3.091x Intro to Solid State Chemistry - which seems to be a more quantum/solid-focused advanced course for introductory chemistry and Universitat Hamburg's course about Crystals.
From searching, I've found Physical Chemistry course from Rice and Organic Chemistry course from UIUC would come handy for me to study these topics.

What I'm really confused here is, because MOOCs are not arranged in curriculum, I'm not sure which topics I should study first and after.
My school has Organic Chemistry, Quantum Mechanics, and Classical Mechanics (which I get to choose I from these) courses at my 12th year, but as I can only select one and is kind of late - being last year in high school, I want to study with online resources on my own.

These are my current position on studying physical science-related subjects.
1. Math
Introductory Calculus (AP Calculus BC)
Some statistics and vector operations (by my country's curriculum in set as 11th grade course; just basic cross/dot operations & standard distribution related things)
2. Physics
Introductory Physics (AP Physics C Mech & Electromagnetics, AP Physics B)
3. Chemistry
Introductory Chemistry (AP Chemistry)

Could you suggest me a general plan for me to be more prepared for chemistry-related career? Thanks a lot.
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Re: Physical Chemist?

Postby boydrew » Mon Sep 08, 2014 7:47 pm


Wow, I think you're very prepared in your chemistry endeavors! If you want to go into the chemistry field, I think it will probably be helpful for you to study Organic Chemistry your senior year as its one of those classes that are essential for chemistry. The other classes such as Quantum and Classic Mechanics are nice too, but they're more related to physics concepts that might not necessarily be pertinent to your interests in chemistry at the current moment. You also mentioned the MOOCs. I think you should take the Physical Chemistry at Rice at a certain point because you would be taking the Organic Chemistry class at your school and so it wouldn't be necessary to take Organic Chemistry twice. But it's up to you on what you want to do. This is just my 2 cents worth of suggestions. Good luck!
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