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1. Students who were current or past pet owners were asked "What kind of pet did you own? Choose all that apply." Their answers were put in this table:
Dog 70%
140 students
Fish 55%
110 students
Cat 40%
80 students
Bird 16%
32 students
Rabbit 12%
24 students
Hamster 20%
40 students
I have never owned a pet 8%
16 students
Horse 6%
12 students
Snake 5%
10 students
Total Respondents: 200 students
This information would be best displayed in a:
Questions 2-4 refer to this graph:
2. A good label for the x-axis would be
3. A good label for the y-axis would be:
4. According to the graph, the vaccination rate for school-age children has never fallen below 50% in the United States.
5. Put the following steps in order from which you need to do first to last
Collect data
Interpret your data
Graph your data
Choose a graph type
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