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A hypothesis is a tentative answer to the science question you have posed. A good hypothesis will:

  • Be based on all the information you know about the topic.
  • Lead to at least one prediction that you can test in an experiment.

Predictions formed from a hypothesis often take the shape of "If ____ then ____" statements, but do not have to follow this format. A good prediction needs both an independent variable (something you change) and one or more dependent variables (things you observe or measure).

A single hypothesis can lead to multiple predictions, but generally one or two predictions is enough for a science fair project.

For more information and examples of how to write a good hypothesis for a science project, check out our hypothesis reference page.

1. What is the question you are trying to answer in your science project?
2. What is your hypothesis?
3. What prediction(s), based on your hypothesis, will you be testing in your science project?
To self-check whether or not you have done a good job writing your science project hypothesis, think about the following questions and answer "yes" or "no" honestly.
Is your hypothesis based on information you have gathered about your science project topic?
Can you make at least one clear prediction from your hypothesis?
Are your predictions testable in an experiment?
Does your prediction have both an independent variable (something you change) and a dependent variable (something you observe or measure)?

If you answered "no" to any of the self-check questions, then your hypothesis may not be good for a science project. Consider changing your hypothesis and prediction or asking your teacher or another adult mentor for help.

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