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Variables Quiz


This page is one of many Science Buddies' resources educators can assign their students using Google Classroom. Educators, to learn more about how to make assignments please visit our FAQ page. Visit the Google Classroom Science Project Assignments page for an index of all possible Science Buddies assignments, including interactive science project submission pages and quizzes.

1. In scientific experiments dependent variables should be: (25 points)
2. In scientific experiments the independent variable should be: (25 points)
3. Mark whether each of the following factors is a good choice or bad choice for an independent variable:
Time (5 points)
Height (5 points)
Sadness (5 points)
Where someone was born (5 points)
Whether it is night or day (5 points)
4. The variables you keep the same throughout an experiment are called the: (25 points)
5. For her science fair project, Maya asks the following question: "I see that some recipes for bubble blowing solution have glycerin and others do not. I want to blow the largest bubbles possible. How does adding glycerin to my bubble blowing solution change the size of the bubbles I can blow with it?" From the list below, mark which variables Maya can ignore as unimportant during her experiment, which variables she needs to try to change during her experiment, and which variables she needs to try to keep the same during her experiment:
The brand of dish detergent used to make the bubble blowing solution (5 points)
The size of her bubble wand (5 points)
The amount of glycerin added to the bubble blowing solution (5 points)
The weather conditions outside when blowing bubbles (5 points)
Whether or not her neighbor's dog is barking (5 points)