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What type of supplies and equipment will you need to complete your science fair project? By making a complete list ahead of time, you can make sure that you have everything on hand when you need it. Some items may take time to obtain, so making a materials list in advance represents good planning!

Make the materials list as specific as possible, and be sure you can get everything you need before you start your science fair project. Visit our Science Fair Approved Suppliers page for tips on places to purchase some of the harder to find items that you may have on your list. The Science Fair Project Shopping List page also has a detailed list of items you'll need to make your Science Fair Project Display Board.

A Good Materials List Is Very Specific A Bad Materials List
500 ml of de-ionized water Water
Stopwatch with 0.1 sec accuracy Clock
AA alkaline battery Battery

Materials List Checklist

What Makes a Good Materials List? For a Good Materials List, You Should
Answer "Yes" to Every Question
Have you listed all necessary materials? Yes / No
Have you described the materials in sufficient detail? Yes / No