First Grade Measure Taste, Smell, and Texture Science Projects (2 results)

Use your own senses (and sometimes those of volunteers) of taste, smell, and perceiving texture as a way to gather data for your own experiment cooking food or making a product. Improve a cooking recipe, separate water from fruit juice, or make skunk odor remover.

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Science Fair Project Idea
If you developed a super-sour candy, drink, or dessert, to whom would you sell it? Do people of all ages love sour, or is there a difference between the sour preferences of kids and adults? In this mouth-puckering science project, you will find out by making batches of lemonade that vary in their sourness and have volunteers taste them! Read more
Science Fair Project Idea
Have you ever bitten in to a cookie and thought, "this is the best cookie in the whole wide world!"? Was it one you made at home? In this science fair project, discover if you can perfect the taste of your favorite cookie right in your own kitchen! Read more
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