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Video: BBC World Earth Report: Cleaning oil spills with magnets, CLEANMAG

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Science Fair Project Idea
The enormous task of cleaning up oil spills in oceans and seas has burdened industry, government, and environmentalists for decades. The cleanup is almost always difficult. It involves great amounts of time, resources, and money to remove the oil from the water, and the cleanup is often only partially successful. Today, however, scientists are coming to the rescue, developing a new technique that combines nanotechnology and magnetism. In this science project, you will test the proposed… Read more
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Time Required Very Short (≤ 1 day)
Prerequisites None
Material Availability A kit containing the specialty items needed for this science project is available from our partner Home Science Tools.
Cost Average ($50 - $100)
Safety Neodymium magnets are very strong. Some have the capacity to interfere or reset pacemakers. Never put a neodymium magnet in your mouth. Always keep them away from computers, credit cards, and other magnetized objects.

Ferrofluids create stains on skin and other materials, so take appropriate measures to keep the fluid contained to the working area.

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