Video: DIY Glitter Surprise Package with a Simple Circuit

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Student Engineering: Make Your Own Glitter Surprise Package! Turn a Video Phenomenon into a Student Science Project You probably have seen or heard about Mark Rober's Package Thief vs. Glitter Bomb Trap video in the last few days. After spotting a package being swiped from his porch, the former NASA engineer rigged a fake package to let loose a bunch of glitter when opened. His high-tech gag package also included multiple phones for GPS-tracking and video… Read more
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Science Fair Project Idea
Have you ever seen a video of a glitter prank package? They usually show an unsuspecting person opening a package or a gift, only to be sprayed by a shower of glitter. Former NASA engineer Mark Rober got tired of thieves stealing packages off his porch, so he decided to build an elaborate decoy glitter package*, as he shows in this video. Mark's device involves a lot of custom software, electronics, and 3D printing, so might seem a little intimidating if you are new to engineering. This video… Read more
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