We're here to help you navigate STEM learning at home while schools and camps are closed due to COVID-19.

Here are some resources to guide your at home learning:

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Want to learn more? Check out these other resources:

STEM Activity
How did the Moon get its craters? What about the craters on Earth? Why do they look the way they do? Find out in this fun science activity, as you make your own craters by dropping balls into a tray of flour. Read more
Blog Post
Celebrate the Moon Landing with a Crater Activity! 50 Years Since the First Moon Landing! This week marks the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 Moon landing. On July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 lifted off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center with astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins on board. Four days later, on July 20, the Eagle lunar module landed on the Moon's Sea of Tranquility, and Armstrong and Aldrin became the first humans to… Read more
Blog Post
Tie simple science explorations in with Star Wars for May 4th. Great STEM ideas for remote learning and family science. May the 4th Be with You There are countless odd and unusual holidays celebrated throughout the year. Science teachers often plan themed activities to tie in with major holidays (like St. Patrick's Day and Halloween) and science holidays (like DNA Day, Earth Day, and World Oceans Day). Then there are lesser-known and more unusual days,… Read more
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