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STEM Activity
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Is that a sailboat or a Design and build a toy car powered by the wind in this fun engineering project! Read more
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Inspire students of all ages to enjoy STEM when you let them loose in a creative makerspace! These hands-on engineering activities challenge students to brainstorm and problem solve and encourage creativity and innovation. Enabling Exploration Community makerspaces are collaborative spaces where people of all ages can get hands-on with science and engineering. With an array of materials available, a visit… Read more
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Follow along with a Science Buddies parent who is using family STEM activities to keep her kids learning at home during the COVID-19 school shutdown. New posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Today's adventure... building a beast of a wind-powered sail car. Building Your Dream Toy Car Does your child ever wish for a toy that doesn't exist? Although I don't recall my seventh-grade son doing so, my second-grade daughter has done this for years. She… Read more
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Tie simple science explorations in with Star Wars for May 4th. Great STEM ideas for remote learning and family science. May the 4th Be with You There are countless odd and unusual holidays celebrated throughout the year. Science teachers often plan themed activities to tie in with major holidays (like St. Patrick's Day and Halloween) and science holidays (like DNA Day, Earth Day, and World Oceans Day). Then there are lesser-known and more unusual days,… Read more
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