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STEM Activity
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Have you ever been tricked by an optical illusion? Optical illusions can be fun, but they are also quite scientific. In this activity you will investigate the phenomenon of apparent motion by making your own flipbook animations. Read more
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Blog Post
These 14 activities combine creativity, science, and engineering to make unique STEAM gifts students can make to keep or to give! Make and Give STEM: Homemade lip balm Science Projects to Keep or Give Do your students like to do projects that give them a take-away at the end? Many students especially enjoy projects that result in a finished product they can use, display, keep, or share. Try One of These 14 Creative STEM… Read more
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Blog Post
Are you getting ready for a summer of reading with kids? Make things even more creative and fun this summer with free, hands-on science and engineering activities that help students tell their own stories. Pair Summer Reading with Storytelling Fun! Library reading programs are a hallmark of summer break! Even this summer, when many libraries may be closed at the start of summer due to COVID-19, you should check your local library for information about… Read more
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Blog Post
Join Science Buddies this summer for virtual summer camp! Each week, we'll have a fun STEM theme for kids of all ages, suggestions for simple hands-on activities, book picks, and more. With our Summer of STEM, we'll keep you and your kids inspired all summer with creative and innovative science and engineering activities — for free. This week: creative activities for artists, makers, and innovators! Artists & Makers Week 4 is for artists, makers,… Read more
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