Video: Create a Painting With Genetically Modified Bacteria

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Area of Science
Yogurt, biofuel, biodegradable plastics, and antibiotics are all examples of products based on biotechnology research and manufacturing techniques. What else will we be able to create as we use biotechnology in new ways? Read more
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STEM Activity
Did you know that you can change the genetic code of an organism? This technology is called gene editing or genetic engineering. Using gene editing tools, researchers can delete or modify existing genes in an organism, or even add new ones! With this ability, they can alter the way an organism—such as a bacteria, a plant, or an animal—looks or functions. For example, crops can be modified to become more drought-resistant, or bacteria can be engineered to produce medicine such as… Read more
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Blog Post
Use these free STEM lesson plans and activities to teach students about biotechnology—options for all grade levels! Biotechnology involves using biological processes and systems to make or improve products. Using yeast to make bread is often offered as a simple example of biotechnology, as a living organism (yeast) is used to make a specific food product (bread). Many people think of biotechnology, however, in more cutting-edge contexts,… Read more
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