Whether you are working, studying, or being entertained, much of our daily routines rely on being plugged-in. You probably don't spend a lot of time thinking about where all that power comes from, but someone has to! Figuring out the best ways to produce energy is a big job that is growing along with the world's population. Energy can also be a hot topic with argements about whether to invest in fossil fuels or clean renewable energies like solar, wind, water and geothermal. Take a first-hand look at some of the problems and challenges scientists and engineers are tackling as they look at making and storing energy.

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Did you know that you can use solar power to cook food? This can be done using a solar oven, which is a low-cost, ecologically-friendly technology that seems to have everything going for it. This video will show you how to build your very own simple solar oven out of a pizza box to gather the Sun's rays and cook a tasty treat for you! Written instructions are available on our website at https://www.sciencebuddies.org/stem-activities/solar-oven?from=YouTube. Science Buddies also hosts a library…
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