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Teacher Testimonials

"I am currently preparing my 8th grade students for Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science projects. Although their projects are judged as a 7–10 minute oral presentation, I use Science Buddies to reinforce all the steps of the scientific method as they conduct their experiment and prepare their speeches and transparencies. Thank you for providing such a useful site!"
   —Rosemary Justus, Northeast Middle School, Bethlehem, PA

"Your Science Buddies website is saving my life! Our school is doing our 1st annual Science Fair with hopes of going on to the District Science Fair and I've been given the job as coordinator. I must tell you that being able to include your 'Topic Selection Wizard' as a resource was exactly what the students needed. We have only an 8 week time-line, so being able to choose a topic quickly is key. Thank you for such a valuable resource! We all appreciate it so very much. I don't know if we could have pulled this whole thing off without your extensive support. Thank you, again!"
   —Christina Bulbenko, Gardner Street School, Los Angeles, CA

"I have directed many in my Showboard Workshops to your website. Everyone wants to know ideas for projects; your site is perfect!"
   —Joyce Bervaldi, Board Member, Florida Association of Science Teachers and former director (10 yrs) South Florida Regional Science and Engineering Fair, FL

"This year I am teaching 3rd grade. For the past six years I was teaching 6th grade science and ran our district science fair. I coach 7th and 8th graders as well. I have sent students on to the Intel Science Challenge in Santa Clara County each year. I have also taught science fair (scientific method) strategies at the COE to middle and high school teachers for three years. During these past six years I have utilized the Science Buddies program, and have watched it improve more and more. I have recommended it as a reference for not only my students, but the teachers who attended my workshop. This year our 5th grade have just started in their process of developing a project. I run the Homework Club after school and have directed them to the Science Buddies site to take the Topic Selection Wizard survey to see what interests they may have. I find that to be extremely helpful. The new Beta version is quite improved. I like the way, after the student takes the survey, a list of activities (complete with difficulty ratings) is available to them. This portion of the site is just one example of its usefulness."
   —Juli Siegrist, Loma Prieta School, Los Gatos, CA

'I am thrilled to report that my students did very well with their science fair projects this year. I attribute their success to my discovery of your web resource and the use of your PDF materials. Out of 25 projects, 20 received first place at our school site. Eight were sent on to the consortium in our area where 5 of the 8 were awarded medals! I think your information is the best I have come upon in the more than 36 years I have been teaching. I learned so much from my experience, this year. Thank you for the support."
   —Barbara Messmer, Teacher Roseville City School District, Roseville, CA

"I'm using your website as a "one-stop shopping" site for my students as they work on their science projects. Your site has improved so much and it's going to make doing Science Fair projects so much more manageable for me."
   —Karen Kelly, Clayton Valley High School, Clayton, CA

"My son, now 7th grade, has had a terrible time coming up with good topics for his (mandatory) science project. Last year, he built a trebuchet that was too small to fire the eggs that were the second half of his experiment. This year I sat him down with your wizard; after a couple of false starts, he became fascinated with calculating light speed through Jell-O. He's spent a lot of time online researching Snell's Law; yesterday he spent a happy afternoon playing with shooting a laser through various transparent things and seeing what happened to the light. Next weekend he'll be making jell-o. He's involved with science as an experimental and discovery process as never before. We really owe your Website. Thanks."
   —Betsy Hanes Perry, Parent

"I wanted to thank you and everyone at Science Buddies for your wonderful website. It is a godsend! Corynn was not exactly sure about what type of project she wanted to work on. Your site and the Topic Selection Wizard helped her choose a project that she was both excited about and interested in. We continued to use your site for information and tips on board displays and judging. Everything we learned from the site was helpful in her project taking the top honor. We can't thank you enough for creating such a user-friendly site, for both students and parents to access! Our family will be using your site again in choosing future projects for both of our children."
   —Stacey Evans, Parent, San Bernardino, CA

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