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Celebrate Engineers Week with the Fluor Challenge

February 19, 2018 7:30 AM

The Fluor Challenge is a great way to celebrate Engineers Week with hands-on STEM!

Can Aerodynamic Suits Give U.S. Speed Skaters an Edge?

February 15, 2018 1:20 PM

Learn more about the aerodynamics of new U.S. speed skating suits for the 2018 Olympics.

Build a Simple Special Delivery Robot for Valentine's Day

February 12, 2018 8:00 AM

Get creative and build your own Valentine's Day Special Delivery robot! From Simple Vibrobot to Special Delivery All you need to make a simple vibrating robot (a vibrobot) is a battery and a motor. With these basic electronics parts, students can…

Candy Science for Valentine's Day

February 9, 2018 6:00 AM

Valentine's Day STEM: Put colorful candy to scientific use with a fun and eye-pleasing lesson in molecular diffusion.

Put a Heart Health Spin on Valentine's Day

February 8, 2018 7:00 AM

Celebrate heart health in February with the help of two lesson plans that use hands-on classroom activities to introduce circulatory system concepts to elementary school students.

Classroom Science for Flu Season

February 6, 2018 6:00 AM

A free Lesson Plan for middle school helps teachers lead a STEM activity that can be connected to discussions about flu season.

Is the Spoon Black or Silver?

February 2, 2018 1:30 PM

Use science to make a soot-covered spoon look shiny in this family science activity.

Critical Water Shortage in South Africa

February 1, 2018 10:00 AM

Talk with students about water supply, the water crisis in South Africa, and ways in which science can help with conservation efforts.

Super Bowl Science and the Fluor Challenge

January 30, 2018 6:00 AM

Get ready for this week's big American football game with a hands-on catapult engineering activity that might also give you a chance to win money for your school! Super Bowl LII, a playoff between the Philadelphia Eagles and the New England…

Genetic Mutation and Taste Lesson Plan

January 25, 2018 9:30 AM

New Lesson Plan uses a simple taste test to help students understand genetic mutation firsthand. Not everyone will detect the taste of phenylthiocarbamide (PTC). What does this mean and what can students learn about genetics from investigating the…

10 Tips for a Winning Science Project Display Board

January 22, 2018 10:30 AM

Review our top ten tips and reminders for creating a great science project display board.

Cybersecurity Resource Guide for Educators

January 10, 2018 6:00 AM

A new downloadable guide helps teachers plan STEM classroom activities and career exploration related to cybersecurity and online safety.

When Your Science Project Opens a Wormhole--Alternate Universe Movie for Science Class

January 9, 2018 10:00 AM

Pair the Alternate Universe movie with a black holes lesson plan for space-bending science class fun!

Count Down to Winter Break with Creative STEM

December 8, 2017 6:00 AM

Teachers, are you looking for ways to keep students engaged even as Winter Break approaches? We have great suggestions for fun and creative science experiments kids can do in class with easy-to-find materials. Your students can make "holiday" items…

Spark Interest in Computer Science

December 4, 2017 12:00 PM

Suggestions to help build on the momentum of Computer Science Education Week and Hour of Code activities.

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Student Biomedical Engineering Projects with Real-world Connections

November 14 is World Diabetes Day and a great time to have conversations with students about diabetes and related STEM careers.


An App for Science Class

Google's Science Journal app brings a powerful toolbox of science equipment to student phones and devices.


Colorful Candy Science

Colorful candy science for students of all ages!


Fostering Diabetes Awareness through Student STEM

Learn more about K-12 STEM projects that support student exploration of questions about diabetes.


Halloween STEM Ideas

Looking for spooky science for Halloween? We have suggestions for Halloween-themed STEM to explore with students!


Search at Science Buddies to Find the STEM Resources You Need

Make the most of the Search tool at Science Buddies to find the STEM resources you need.


New Cybersecurity Projects for Students

New student projects explore a diverse set of cybersecurity issues that involve social science, physics, and computer programming.


Hands-on with Healthy Choices and Healthier Living

New Healthy Living interest area highlights science projects and activities that let kids get hands-on with the science behind nutrition, heart health, and healthy living.


Digital Classroom: Making the (Login) Connection

Updated! What you need to know about logging in at Science Buddies with Google Classroom.


Science Buddies Teacher Dashboard

Learn more about the new Teacher Dashboard for teachers using Science Buddies with Google Classroom.


New NGSS Lesson Plans

Science Buddies announces the availability of twenty NGSS-aligned lesson plans for K-12 STEM educators.


Your Digital Classroom: Try the Create Assignment Button at Science Buddies

Give the "Create Assignment" button a try this summer while you plan for back to school.


Gear Up for the August 2017 Solar Eclipse

Plan ahead for safe viewing of the August 2017 solar eclipse!


Checking Out Cybersecurity: Summer Science at the Library

Student patrons at a Pennsylvania public library recently got an inside look at the ins and outs of denial of service attacks.


Food Science Projects

From cheesecake and dough to marinades and gelatin-based desserts, experiment with food science!


Fourth of July Science for Family Fun

Take advantage of summer traditions to do hands-on with science with your kids!


Be Cool this Summer with Hot Ice Cream

A new kitchen chemistry project at Science Buddies guides students in an exploration of a fun dessert that melts as it cools.


Launch and Catapult Science

Test your skills with launching and catapulting science projects and activities.


Crowdfunding: Fundraising Ideas and Tips for Teachers

Can you fund your classroom wishlist with crowdfunding? Find out tips and tricks other teachers use to successfully crowdfund for their classrooms.


Philadelphia Classrooms Benefit from Science Buddies Kit Club Program

Four teachers in Philadelphia received free science kits for their classrooms thanks to support from Science Buddies and VWR Foundation.


Boat and Submarine Science

Experiment with boat and submarine design and learn more about hydrodynamics, density, and buoyancy.


Get Ready for Summer Science

Find creative science projects they will enjoy for STEM fun at home all summer long!


Kitchen Science Roundup!

From molecular gastronomy to making the best grilled cheese and marshmallows, we've got suggestions for tasty kitchen-based STEM explorations for students.


Balloon Science Activities

Explore student science projects and activities that use balloons.


The Color Code - Improving Agriculture with Color-smart Technology

In two new agricultural technology projects, students can explore uses for color-based technologies.


Science with Fidget Spinners

Help kids tap into engaging science explorations with fidget spinners.


Students Find Flow in Third Successful Fluor Challenge

Congratulations to everyone that participated and submitted a water flow solution for the 2017 Fluor Engineering Challenge. Annual challenge celebrates the engineering design process.


Stained Laundry Science and Bleach

This hands-on activity helps students see the relationship between bleach and stain removal. What's the chemistry behind getting stains out of white clothes?


Shoebox STEM: A 4-H Success Story

Ohio 4-H distributes Shoebox STEM kits with the ArtBot robotics project inside.


Shampoo Science

How do you determine whether one shampoo is more effective than another? Science can help!


Build Fun Robots with Students

Science Buddies has projects, Lesson Plans, and convenient kits to make it easy to explore robotics with students.


Bring Robotics to the Classroom for National Robotics Week

Choose a Science Buddies activity or Lesson Plan for a classroom robotics activity for National Robotics Week!


Google's Science Journal App Transforms a Cell Phone into a Powerful Tool for Science Class

Instead of telling students to put their phones away, science teachers may soon be asking students to pull their phones out to do in-class STEM activities with Google's Science Journal app.


Chocolate Covered Candy Geodes

Two culinary students turn making chocolate-covered candy eggs into a masterful science experiment.


Step by Step Science Project Display Boards

Help students understand the parts of a science project display board so they can create their boards with confidence.


Students Explore Blood Type Chemistry

With a hands-on science kit and synthetic blood samples, students take a closer look at the science behind blood and blood typing.


Making the Case for Early STEM Education

Vice Provost of Enrollment at Florida Polytechnic University on the importance of STEM education and opportunities that foster STEM career path awareness.


Student Finds Success at First Science Fair with Bristlebot Project

This student found the perfect project and kit at Science Buddies and went on to the regional science fair!


The Physics of Falling Toast

Will a piece of buttered toast land buttered side up or down if it falls to the floor?


Take the Fluor Challenge

Have your students enter build their own water flow for the 2017 Fluor Engineering Challenge for a chance to win!


Great Ideas for Engineers Week

Engineering projects and activities you can do with your students to celebrate Engineers Week


Fluor Engineering Water Flow Challenge

This year's Fluor Challenge is a water flow challenge inspired by the ancient Banaue Rice Terraces.


Fluor Engineering Water Flow Challenge Overview Video

Watch the video to learn more about the 2017 K-12 Fluor Engineering Challenge!


Kit Club Helps Level STEM Playing Field

Science Buddies' Kit Club helps local companies support community schools. One New Jersey school district has turned its Kit Club grant award into a video challenge for area schools.


Make Your Own Sorting Machine

Making a sorting machine help students understand steps of the engineering process—and make a cool, functional machine!


Lesson Plans Help Teachers Put Hands-on Science on the Calendar

Science Buddies Lesson Plans make it easier than ever for teachers to confidently lead standards-based science and engineering experiments and activities with their students.


Enzymes, Foam, and Hydrogen Peroxide

Get hands-on with enzymes and see how the catalase enzyme helps break down hydrogen peroxide in the body.


Mechanical Science Scissor Lift

Experiment with physics and mechanical engineering by making a fun cardboard scissor lift.


Your Digital Classroom: Assign the Science Project with Google Classroom Integration

Give our Google Classroom Integration a try to make it easier than ever to assign and manage science projects with Science Buddies!


Get Computer Smart about File Deletion

Investigate how computer files are stored and deleted and how different methods for file deletion change how difficult it may be to find or restore deleted files.


Finger Paint Fractals

Explore fractals and search for similar and repeating patterns with a family-friendly science activity.


Experimenting with Virtual Reality Science

With cardboard viewers and phone apps, students can explore the science behind virtual reality.


A Water Sensor Circuit for the Tree

Combine a simple circuit with a tree ornament for a helpful water-level monitor.


Light Up Your Creativity with Electric Play Dough

Light up their creativity by adding LEDs to their play dough creations!


Merry Science: Take a Candle Carousel for a Spin

Learn more about aerodynamics from a traditional German holiday decoration. Make your own candle carousel to explore!


Better Lip Balm Science

Thanks to help from a team of volunteers at PPG, a cosmetics-focused student chemistry project got a "lift."


Four Fun Builds in One BlueBot Robotics Kit!

The BlueBot 4-in-1 Robotics Kit offers plenty of enriching robotics engineering fun to last the entire winter break and beyond!


Celebrate Computer Science Education Week

Science Buddies' computer science projects, activities, and resources help support student interest in coding.


STEM at Home for Winter Break

Give your kids great science-themed "to do" options for a fun and engaging Winter Break.


Reflective Clothing and Pedestrian Safety: The Science of Being Seen

A hands-on safety science project helps students better understand what it takes to "be seen" at night.


The Obstacle-Avoiding BlueBot

The Obstacle-Avoiding BlueBot is one of four robotics projects that can be done with the BlueBot Robotics Kit.


Giving Tuesday - Help us keep our materials free

Millions of K-12 students use ScienceBuddies' #science project ideas and resources each year. We need your help to keep our #STEM materials free.


Potato Science Collection

Potatoes can be used in a wide range of hands-on student science experiments!


A Saucy Thanksgiving

Kitchen science to tie in with Thanksgiving foods and favorites.


Science, Biochemistry, and Sugar

Sugar Metabolism Kit enables students to explore science questions related to sugars and the human body.


Family History Fuels Student Engineer's Passion for Medical Engineering

A family member's medical condition fuels a young Maker's interest in biomedical engineering.


Explore Diabetes with Student STEM

Learn more about diabetes with related hands-on science projects and activities.


Spooktacular Halloween Science

Explore great hands-on projects and activities that tie in with Halloween.


Pumpkin Power Project

Experiment to find out which fruits and vegetables can be used to generate electricity.


Enter the Verizon App Challenge

The Verizon Innovative Learning app challenge encourages students to move from technology users to technology creators.


Halloween Robots

Build your own Halloween-inspired robots as a class, after-school, or family robotics activity!


Digital Classroom: Scientific Method Quiz

New quizzes and interactive tools help teachers assess student understanding and can be easily added to Google Classroom as student assignments.


Sound Science with a String and a Hanger

Experiment to explore how some materials transmit sound better than others.


Smart Science Project Display Boards

Our guide takes the mystery out of building a great science project display board!


Raise Your Voice against Cyberbullying

A new website and downloadable guide helps parents better understand and talk about cyberbullying with their kids.


Gas and the Size of a Marshmallow

Kitchen science: explore laws of chemistry that can be observed by experimenting with the air surrounding a marshmallow!


Digital Classroom: Making the (Login) Connection

What you need to know about logging in at Science Buddies with Google Classroom.


Baking Soda Bubbles and the Science of Sour

Use baking soda to find out whether or not a food is sour in this "bubbly" kitchen chemistry activity.


Your Digital Classroom: The Topic Selection Wizard

Assign the Topic Selection Wizard! With Google Classroom Integration, you can turn project finding into a classroom assignment!


Stretchy Dough and the Science of Gluten

Experiment to see how gluten affects the stretchiness and elasticity of dough.


Flocculants and the Science Behind Clean Drinking Water

Model a water treatment plant process to see how water is changed from turbid to clear before being piped to customers for drinking.


Putting the McGurk Effect to the Test

With a bit of video making, students can put the McGurk effect to the test with friends and family.


Your Digital Classroom: Assigning Science Reading with Science Buddies' Google Classroom Integration

Use the Science Buddies news feed to locate science news articles and easily add them to your Google Classroom.


Diaper Duty Science

Take an inside look at the polymer in diapers that makes them effective at absorbing liquid.


White-hat Hackers: Cybersecurity Specialists

A career in cybersecurity: individuals who can think like a hacker are in demand.


Popcorn Popping Science

Explore the science that makes popcorn "pop."


Growing Science: Agriculture and Plant Projects

Plant-based science projects may take extra time. We have strategies to help students succeed.


Center of a Shape Science

Experiment with a simple science technique that can help determine the center of a shape.


Stay Up for the Perseid Meteor Shower

Catch the Perseid Meteor Shower and pair skygazing this week with hands-on student science projects.


Back to School with Science Buddies' Google Classroom Integration

Science Buddies' Google Classroom Integration allows teachers to more easily create and manage STEM assignments.


Smart Plant Watering Science

Can you use simple home science to better water your plants and gardens and reduce water waste? Find out with a family science activity.


Color Mixing and Family Physics

Put on a colorful nighttime light show to explore color mixing!


Test Your Oven Temperature Using Sugar

Use sugar to test the accuracy of your oven's internal thermometer.


Diabetic Alert Dogs and Your Breath

Study shows relationship between isoprene levels and blood glucose.


Heat Domes and Cooling Science

Can you beat the heat with "cooling" science?


Water Treatment Center Science

Model the process a water treatment plant uses to turn murky water into clear water.


Pair Pokemon GO with a Classroom Cybersecurity Activity

Pair up Pokémon GO and a classroom cybersecurity activity.


Toothbrush Robots at Home

Explore robotics design with a fun low-tech setup! How does the slant of toothbrush bristles affect the way a bristlebot-style robot moves?


Bug and Insect STEM Roundup

Get hands-on this summer with bug, worm, or flying insect science!


Binocular Vision Eye Science

In this family STEM activity, put your eyes to the test... alone and as a working unit!

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