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Notebooks guide your exploration of the COVID-19 pandemic with examples and descriptions of different scenarios. Ask,"What If?" and run your own simulations in the Sandbox.
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COVID-19 Introduction

This is the best place to start with SimPandemic!

Explore + Discover

  • Learn about the forces driving a pandemic
  • See the differences between urban and rural areas
  • Change the course of the pandemic in the Sandbox

COVID-19 Do It Yourself

In this DIY Notebook, all you have is a Sandbox and the FAQ. We give you default values for Population Statistics and COVID-19 Disease Characteristics. Otherwise, there is no guidance and no explanations. It's all up to you!

Reopening the U.S. Economy: Arguments For and Against

A short video uses SimPandemic coronavirus simulations to explain some of the arguments for and against reopening. Use SimPandemic to explore further.
SimPandemic simulation model by Science Buddies.
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How SimPandemic Works

SimPandemic helps you learn how a pandemic evolves by visualizing different scenarios in graphs that depict infections, symptomatic individuals, deaths, and acquired immunity, as well as economic output. You can easily see the forces that drive the pandemic.

The simulator at the heart of SimPandemic uses an agent-based model to simulate the coronavirus disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus as it moves through the population. It creates a virtual world of 100,000 simulants whose sole functions in life are to remain healthy or become infected, and if they are adults, to perform work. Adult simulants create economic output with their work, so long as they are not symptomatic, quarantined, or out of work because of social distancing business closure. If infected, simulants are able to infect others. When they are no longer infectious and the disease runs its course, they become immune or die. For every day of the simulation, SimPandemic updates the status of every simulant based on approximately 100 parameters, including population statistics, disease characteristics, and interventions to fight the pandemic.

The simulator also calculates an economic indicator, Economic Output, that ranges from 0 to 100%, enabling SimPandemic to visualize how various interventions impact the spread of the coronavirus disease and sometimes spillover to affect the economy. The objective of SimPandemic is simple: Save lives, save jobs!

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