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Learn More About the News Feed

How It Works

How does a computer find news that matches the topic of a Project Idea, Career, or other Science Buddies page?

We convert every news article and every Science Buddies page to an algebraic model called a Vector Space Model. A vector based on how frequently words appear represents every document. We compare the vectors for the news articles to the vectors for our pages using a mathematical formula, looking for ones that are the closest match. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vector_space_model

This automated system enables Science Buddies to examine hundreds of articles from our partners every day, assigning them to matching Science Buddies pages (if any). However, this technique is far from perfect. For some topics, there is not much news, so the best matching news article may not be very good. In other situations, a word can have one meaning in the news article and a different meaning in the Science Buddies page, resulting in some silly matches because the system does not understand the actual meaning of words.

Our Partners

Science Buddies thanks these partnering organizations that produce the articles for our news feed.

Please Give Us Feedback!

If you have suggestions for news sources, especially in topic areas with weak coverage, or any other comments, please contact us at: scibuddy@sciencebuddies.org

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