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Which database to use to find the environmental effect on genes?

Postby buku » Wed Mar 20, 2019 9:38 am


I am doing a project on finding SNP's in lung cancer gene. I also want to study the environmental effect of like tobacco smoke on the gene and how it associates to the disease.
Which database should I use for the same?
https://geneticassociationdb.nih.gov/ this database doesn't work anymore.

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Re: Which database to use to find the environmental effect on genes?

Postby SciB » Tue Mar 26, 2019 7:56 pm

A good starting place for searching for mutations associated with lung cancer would be the NCBI's GENE database:
I would recommend registering so that you will able to save search information and data that you can come back to again later.

Studying the effects of tobacco smoke is going to be much more complicated. Lung cancer cells result from an accumulation of DNA mutations that block the normal cellular regulations on growth and cell division. But exactly how smoking tobacco does this is still being debated after many decades. I would say to use Google Scholar to search for reviews on the tobacco-cancer link and you will be able to find some genetic associations.

These are broad and complex areas so try to narrow down your focus to one or two specific genes rather than trying to understand the whole picture.

When you have questions, post again and we will try to help you understand and hopefully make some kind of story out of the data that you find online.

Good luck!

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