Digital Scale and Interface to PC

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Project Question: Wind Tunnel. Lift Calculation. need digital scale with 0.1g accuracy able to measure up to 1kg that has an interface that can be used to connect to a PC.
Project Due Date: 12/31/2014. But need to purchase equipment in the next couple of weeks
Project Status: I am just starting

Digital Scale and Interface to PC

Post by savindwarf »

I'm looking for a digital scale with 0.1g accuracy that has an interface to a PC. This is part of a Wind Tunnel experiment. I spent hours looking at available scales most of the ones with an interface only have 1g accuracy. I can find lots of scales with 0.1g accuracy but they have no interface. I've seen videos of exactly what I need but the video does not mention the model of scale. If I was willing to by 100 scales I could get exactly what I want from Alibaba....

Question: Does anyone know of a model/brand of scale that has 0.1g accuracy, can measure up to 1kg and has some sort of interface connection (d-sub, USB, rs232 etc.)

Failing that I could probably make something from scratch using a load cell etc. But then it ceases to be my granddaughters project at least as far as the digital scale portion is concerned.

The other idea (sigh) is to scale up the size of the wind tunnel so that 1g accuracy is fine .. but the school has size limits that would make that difficult.

B7y the way, I'm trying to keep the cost down. Obviously I can buy scales at $150 plus that meet our needs, but you would think I could find something much cheaper.


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