Pygame residing in Python 2.X instead of Python 3.x

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Project Question: pygames on Raspberry Pi
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Pygame residing in Python 2.X instead of Python 3.x

Post by EdV2 »

I work for the Teen Tech Center at HCLIB (Hennepin County Library) and we recently purchased several Science Buddy Raspberry Pi and IO Kits.

While trying out the games (Invent Your Own Computer Games with Python installed as purchased) I discovered that they were crashing in Python 2.X and not running in Python 3.X. The pygame library is supposed to be installed in the Python 3.X libraries.

I could fix this pretty simply on a windows PC but I am a bit baffled by the OS of the Raspberry Pi.

Anyone else running into or working on this issue?
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Re: Pygame residing in Python 2.X instead of Python 3.x

Post by bfinio »

Hi EdV2,

Sorry for the late reply on this. Unfortunately I don't have any experience with the Pygame library since we developed all of the Science Buddies content for this kit using Scratch. However, given all the third-party software that comes with the Raspberry Pi, it wouldn't surprise me if something is broken, especially since our kit comes with an older version of Raspbian (we had to do this to maintain compatibility with ScratchGPIO, a third-party add on that allows Scratch to control the GPIO pins).

It doesn't look like you're the only person who's had problems installing Pygame or getting it to run: ...

but a lot of those forum posts are from 2012 or 2013, so I'm not sure how relevant they are now. It does seem like a lot of them say that Pygame works with Python 2.x but NOT 3.x.

Another option is to install the latest version of Raspbian on a separate SD card (this way you will avoid overwriting the Science Buddies content on the one that came with your kit), and hopefully the issue has been fixed. You can find instructions on their official download page:

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Re: Pygame residing in Python 2.X instead of Python 3.x

Post by Vanbailey »

There are some tricks to download to phone me.

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