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Postby mohsfp » Sat Nov 14, 2015 8:42 pm

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Re: Am I able to do this kind of project?

Postby HowardE » Sun Nov 15, 2015 8:19 pm

Hi mohsfp. That's an ambitious and very cool project. It's also wonderful that you took the initiative to read the rules and raise the question beforehand. I'm not sure that anyone here has any specific information except as advisors to students like you, experience judging, and in my case I'm on a qualification committee for the NH state fair.

Since you described your project in such wonderful detail and it seems in conflict with the specific instructions you referred to, I'd have to say that we probably wouldn't allow it at the NH fair. That said, I'd strongly suggest you run your project and the rules past the teacher at your school responsible for fair entries. If you are allowed to do this, you clearly will have to have it approved by teachers and experts in the field (to help & mentor you) as well as locating a safe place to perform your experiment.

The official ISEF rules document can be found here: and says "For rules questions, contact the Intel ISEF Scientific Review Committee:". If I were you, I'd talk with your school & teachers, find a qualified lab and expert to help & supervise the experiment, then with your ducks in a row, send a professional-looking email to that address and see what they say. If you did all of that *AND* presented a copy of a positive response from the ISEF SRC, we'd probably allow you to present it if you went to school here in NH. Without an expert to help you and a clarification from ISEF, we probably wouldn't allow it.


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