IOT based safety/assistance in Indian Railway

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IOT based safety/assistance in Indian Railway

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Respected Sir,
Iam a Btech student.. as part of our curriculum I have to do a project on the topic "IOT based safety/security system in Indian Railway".Iam intending to inculcate the folowing features:

1.Personal Identification Cards
Every passenger is provided with a RFID card that contains the entire details of the passenger including age,profession,travel history and current travel details.Ticket booking and all train related transactions will be carried out using this card.

2.Health alert system
Required passengers will be provided with a wearable device that can sense different health parameters such as BP,Insulin level.... If any emergency situation encountered, immediate communication is done with any doctor in the same train (if available) or communicate to the nearest station.

3.Women Safety system
This is to provide secure and safe travel in reserved compartements such as Ladies compartments.Every Reserved compartment contains a sensor that reads the previously mentioned RFID card and checks the details of the card with the specifications of the compartment and if any unauthorised entry is detected alert is given to Railway authorities.

4.Smart Seating Arrangement
Some kind of pressure sensors are connected to every seats .Nonallocated seats are thus detected and the details of such seats are transmitted to the Ticket Collector so that he can allocate the free seats with the passengers waiting for a seat.

Sir I would like to know the relavance of my project and also about the technical aspects behind it.I also like to know about both the inter and intra compartment communications.I kindly request you to provide the details of the same.

Sheby Boban
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Re: IOT based safety/assistance in Indian Railway

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Hi Sheby - this forum is intended for students who have purchased the Science Buddies Raspberry Pi Kit and need help using it. If you are planning on using a Raspberry Pi for your project, you may have more luck asking questions in the official Raspberry Pi forums:

Before you post there I would recommend thinking of more specific questions. Asking about "the relevance of your project" and "the technical aspects behind it" is very vague and you will probably not get helpful answers.

Good luck,


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