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Question about Shaping Hard-boiled Eggs activity

Postby frogorf » Fri Apr 02, 2021 3:29 pm

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Which egg is which? Which one is the wrapped one? Which one goes in the box? What about the one on the plate? What I read from this is: put one on a plate, put the other in towels. The one in towels you then crack on “the” plate and then put in the water again to take away the shells. Then you put the one in towels in the box. And then the one in the “BOX AND THE ONE IN THE TOWELS”????? Go in the fridge (your technically implying to put one egg in the fridge) if you are talking about one egg then what happens to the other? Also you say “then put the egg in the box” twice? Can you please name each egg a different name so it’s less confusing? Also please be more specific. I’m 12 and if this is confusing my mom as well then I think the instructions should be worked on.

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The activity can be viewed at: Shaping Hard-boiled Eggs

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Re: Question about Shaping Hard-boiled Eggs activity

Postby AmyCowen » Mon Apr 05, 2021 9:29 am

I am sorry you ran into confusion with the directions for this activity. I have passed your feedback to Science Buddies. In looking through the directions, I think there is a problem in step 11 -- and I think that's where you ran into an issue, too. This will be looked at and updated.

It sounds like you were able to follow the directions until that part, where things got confusing:

If you follow through each step of the activity, the reference to which egg remains clear for the first section:

4. Egg A: Use the slotted spoon to take one egg out of the water and carefully place it on a plate where it can cool completely.
5. Egg B: Use the slotted spoon to take the second egg out of the saucepan. Do not discard the hot water; you will need it to keep the egg warm.
6. (The egg from step 5; Egg B): Place this egg on several paper towels or a kitchen towel and carefully wrap the towel(s) around the egg. Use an oven mitt to protect your hand while you handle the hot egg.
7. (The egg was "wrapped" in step 6 - Egg B): Gently tap the wrapped egg against the plate to crack the shell all over. Unwrap the egg and carefully peel away the shell. Place the egg back on the spoon to dip it back into the hot water to wash away small pieces of shell. This also helps keep the egg hot.
8. (Still talking about the same egg -- it's the hot one from step 7 - Egg B): Gently push the hot egg that has all its shell removed, pointed end first, into the box without breaking the egg.
9. (Same egg -- you are doing all of these steps the first time with Egg B): The egg should just fill the box. If the egg does not completely fill up the box, add some folded paper towels on top of your egg to fill the box completely.
10. (Egg B is in the box.): Put the lid on the box, and put a rubber band around it to keep the box closed.

11. I believe both eggs are to be placed in the refrigerator, the one in the box and the one that was left sitting out to completely cool.

Steps 13 and 14 are to try and mold the other egg, Egg A. You peel the completely cooled egg and try to put it in the box.
(The point here is to observe whether or not the egg, once cooled, can be molded the way the hot egg was.)

I hope that helps.

Thank you for your feedback.

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Re: Question about Shaping Hard-boiled Eggs activity

Postby frogorf » Thu Apr 08, 2021 8:23 am

Thank you so much!
I really appreciate your help and to be honest I didn't think I would get a reply.

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