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Finding materials

Postby random-person_here » Sat Oct 09, 2021 3:07 pm

I’m doing the experiment “Materials for Sound Barriers” and I have a pretty good procedure in mind but I can’t think of how I should do the actual box.

I was planning on getting cardboard boxes and lining the boxes with the different materials on the inside of the box, but that would make it harder to use some of the materials I planned like glass. I am also indecisive as to whether the control should be just the cardboard (but thicker so that the thickness matches the other material boxes) or no box at all.

Another problem I had, and the main reason I came here, is that I have a problem finding the materials. I can find the materials, but I can’t find them at the same thickness or at the required distance. Any recommendations or problems you see with my experiment so far? Thank you in advance, and sorry if this isn’t the kind of question expected here (it’s my first time using this)

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Re: Finding materials

Postby audreyln » Tue Oct 12, 2021 10:41 am


This sounds like a fun project! It seems like you are planning to control for the thickness of the material which is a good idea but is probably making it very hard to find the material. I think controlling for other variables (size of the box, speaker placement, measurement distance, etc.) are important but it would be okay if your test materials were different thicknesses based on what is available. For example, you could compare 0.25" glass to 0.5" foam since these are the thicknesses these materials typically come in.

If all of your tests are going to have a material lining a cardboard box then your control should be just the cardboard box with no lining (no added thickness).

As you mention, finding some materials in the right dimensions may be difficult. It is possible to cut glass, you'll need a small tool called a glass cutter. Here's an example for $5: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-5-in- ... lsrc=aw.ds

Good luck with your project!


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