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VR Software

Postby rousseautheron » Sat Jan 15, 2022 8:11 am

Good afternoon,

I am a grade 9 pupil who are entering a science project in the category Computer Science and Software Development.

My focus question will be "Does VR metaverse pedagogy lead to improved learning outcomes compared to traditional educational methods?"

We intend to do a sample test with 50 grade 9 boys to write a 10 question test after they read a lesson plan on a certain subject (traditional method). To compare it with learning in a VR environment, we intend to develop/illustrate the same content in a VR environment by using VRTY software. Another 50 grade 9 boys will use VR headsets to watch the content and write the same test. We will compare the results in a graph and we compare the results. Then we will draw a conclusion based on which group performed the best.

Will VRTY do the trick or are there other software platforms we can consider?


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Re: VR Software

Postby bfinio » Mon Jan 17, 2022 7:57 pm

Hi Rousseau,

This is a highly specific question and a little outside the scope of what we typically get in these forums. We have a small handful of projects based on the Google Cardboard platform but otherwise do not have many projects about virtual reality, and I am not familiar with the VRTY software you mentioned. You might be better off looking for a forum that is more specifically about VR software and technology to ask your question.



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