Computer science project website report.

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Computer science project website report.

Post by ErenJeagerSenju »

I made a website for my project now I have to write a report on how I did it the difficult part is how do u go about this. A prompt was given but it still does not make it any clearer....

A step by step description of how you are developing a model to meet a certain need. The computational language used must be appropriate for what you want to achieve; taking into consideration the parameters/arguments/features that will determine whether the solution will meet basic requirements.
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Re: Computer science project website report.

Post by AmyCowen »

If the project you did (building a website) was approved for the assignment or fair you are participating in, then you should be able to write up what you did for the report.

Depending on what the requirements were for your project, you should be able to answer the questions or talk about the points noted. Did you finish the report?

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