Measuring glucose in food

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Measuring glucose in food

Post by Notmebutokay » ... 64&sr=8-31

This is the link of what strips I am using, are these strips good for this project???

Please help :(
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Re: Measuring glucose in food

Post by bth80 »

This seems like it would work.
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Re: Measuring glucose in food

Post by AmyCowen »

I wanted to follow up with some additional information.... the alternative strips you've posted "might" work, but they almost might not.

The project has been tested with specific materials that are available in a kit because we know they work for this science experiment. In the testing process, other brands of urinalysis strips were also tested, and they did not work well with this experimental procedure (even if they were the same kind of strip). We are not able to confirm if the strips you selected will work or not - they have not been tested.

A few things to note about the strips you selected:
1) They use a different scale than the one shown in the project. You can work to convert the scale your strips use to match up to the project, but you will need to make sure to do that.

2) There is a note on the product you selected about waiting 3 hours to complete the chemical reaction in water-based solutions before testing. This will change how you approach your testing and timing and may complicate even setting up the dilution series. (The strips used for this procedure do not require this wait time.)

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