Assitance on Procedure for Coral Reef/Bacteria Project

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Assitance on Procedure for Coral Reef/Bacteria Project

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I have the following question about getting my project started.
1. Does anyone know where I can buy bacterial cultures for my project? I am specifically looking for Vibrio coralliilyticus.
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Re: Assitance on Procedure for Coral Reef/Bacteria Project

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Hello! It may be a bit difficult to purchase bacteria cultures for a middle school experiment.. However, Science Buddies does have several experiments about coral reefs and bacteria! If you are interested in an experiment including bacteria, Science buddies, along with many other science supply stores, also has agar plates for bacteria culture. While you may not be able to perform an experiment with coral reefs, you can still continue learning about them if they interest you. Some great resources include National Geographic, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), or Britannica for more in depth information. The websites are linked below along with experiments including both coral reefs and bacteria.

- https://education.nationalgeographic.or ... ral-reefs/
- ... ecosystems

- ... oral+reefs
- ... s=bacteria
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