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Post by ayoooosh »

hii! (I'm not completely sure how this forum works) but i'm currently interested in a project that involves Planaria and the acquisition of diabetic planaria. Does anyone have any idea how i could go about getting/culturing diabetic planaria?

sorry if this makes no sense haha im still kind of confused about the topic myself
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Re: Project

Post by akulk »

Hi there!

One platform I can think of that might be of use to you is Carolina Biological Supply! I had done a research project involving E. coli a few years back and they were the perfect resource for the materials I needed.

I’m not sure if they have diabetic planaria specifically, but I do know they have brown planaria (perhaps for controls in your project) in stock: ... They also tend to sell in bulk (as do other platforms that sell biological specimens), so that’s another thing to keep in mind as you refine your search!

Hope this helps you out or at least gives you a good starting point! All the best in your research.

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