Arduino Airplane

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Arduino Airplane

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My kid wants to explore how the location of turbines (or fans in a drone) changes the speed in a plane. But he wants to construct and program his own plane based on Arduino. He knows a bit about robotics and coding but has not worked on Arduinos although he will be taking a class and his older brother knows. I want to know if you guys have a plane or something similar based on Arduinos that he could use and then modify accordingly to complete the project. Thanks!
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Re: Arduino Airplane

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We do not specifically have a project about building a plane, but we have a very extensive Arduino tutorial series that covers all of the basics and many of the individual parts that you would eventually need to build a plane: ... an-arduino

If he has no prior experience with Arduino, I would recommend at least checking out the first few tutorials to help get started. Hope that helps, please write back if you have more questions.

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