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Science Buddies: Speech

by Amber Hess
March 6

Most people think that science fairs are an event where children explain a very simple, and most likely overused science fair project. In fact, just the other day my friend told me that when she was getting her board done, someone from Aaron Brothers asked her "Aren't you too old for science fairs?"

But science fairs actually mean a lot more than most people think. There is so much that you can get out of a science fair.

These are just a few of the benefits I could think of that science fairs give you. And you can get all of these things, starting right here, at the county science fair. Right now, I'm sure many of you are just interested in the money and the recognition you might gain from winning. But as you grow older and do more sophisticated projects you will truly realize all of the other things that you've gained from your science fair experiences. A lot of you right now may be saying to yourself, I'm never going to be able to win at a prestigious fair like that!

But believe it or not, I was just like you. In seventh grade I won a second place award at county. I was an alternate, and was lucky enough to go to the California State Science Fair. I didn't win anything there, but I had so much fun I was determined to go back the next year. I don't think I would be here if I had not gone to the CA state science fair that year. So I encourage you to keep trying and creating projects, even if you don't win. If you work hard enough you could also have a great science fair career.

I would also like to talk about some things I've learned that are crucial to win an award:

I really hope that all of you will keep entering in science fairs, whether you win or not. I cannot emphasize how much I have benefited from the fairs I have entered. So enter as many as you possibly can. If you have a chance to go to any competition, not just science fairs, you should do it. If you qualify for state, go. If you don't win the award you hoped for, seek advice and try again next year. You never know what could happen!

Thank you.

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