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Engineering Design Process Quiz (Intermediate)


This page is one of many Science Buddies' resources educators can assign their students using Google Classroom. Educators, to learn more about how to make assignments please visit our FAQ page. Visit the Google Classroom Science Project Assignments page for an index of all possible Science Buddies assignments, including interactive science project submission pages and quizzes.

1. Which of the following steps is not part of the engineering design process: (20 points)
2. The engineering design process is a process used to solve a problem by creating new products, systems, or environments. (20 points)
3. The engineering design process is an iterative process. This means: (20 points)
4. A prototype is: (20 points)
Lisa's grandfather is very old and has hands that shake a lot. He often drops his fork, which embarrasses him. Lisa wants to develop a fork that is easier for her grandfather to hold. Read the following statements about Lisa, and choose the best answer based on your knowledge about the engineering design process.
5. As part of her background research, Lisa should talk to her grandfather to try to understand why he drops his fork. (5 points)
6. Before brainstorming solutions, Lisa should do an internet search for silverware that is marketed as easy for people who have shaky hands to use. (5 points)
7. Lisa should take the first solution she comes up with and quickly build her prototype from that one solution. (5 points)
8. Once Lisa has what she thinks is a better fork, she should: (5 points)