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Engineering Design Process Quiz (Beginner)


This page is one of many Science Buddies' resources educators can assign their students using Google Classroom. Educators, to learn more about how to make assignments please visit our FAQ page. Visit the Google Classroom Science Project Assignments page for an index of all possible Science Buddies assignments, including interactive science project submission pages and quizzes.

1. What is the Engineering Design Process? (20 points)
2. If an engineer is testing a new product and notices that it does not always perform well, the engineer should: (20 points)
3. The Engineering Design Process starts by asking three questions about problems that you observe. Which of the questions below is NOT one of the three questions that help you define the problem for the first step of the Engineering Design Process? (20 points)
4. If you wanted to build a new and improved type of sneaker, a good way to do background research and specify requirements for your new shoe would be to: (20 points)
5. The testing step of the Engineering Design Process usually involves several rounds of testing, finding new problems, and redesigning and testing again, before finding the final design. (20 points)