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Scientific Method Quiz (Intermediate)


This page is one of many Science Buddies' resources educators can assign their students using Google Classroom. Educators, to learn more about how to make assignments please visit our FAQ page. Visit the Google Classroom Science Project Assignments page for an index of all possible Science Buddies assignments, including interactive science project submission pages and quizzes.

1. Which of the following steps is not part of the Scientific Method: (20 points)
2. The Scientific Method is a process, used by every scientist in exactly the same way, to determine cause and effect relationships. (20 points)
3. The Scientific Method is an iterative process. This means: (20 points)
4. Which of these words can a scientific question not start with? (20 points)
5. A scientist only communicates the results of his/her experiment if they support his/her hypothesis. (20 points)