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Science Fair Project Display Boards

Key Info

Drawing of an example display board layout for a science fair board

Example photo of a display board used for a science project
Example image of illegible text typed over a picture of a turkey
This sample shows how difficult it can be to read text when you print it on top of an image. Don't do it!

Materials and Construction Techniques

Materials and Construction Techniques

Example display board with color coded background paper for related sections
Color construction paper can accent your board.



Click the Science Fair Display Board image below to start the slideshow with a collection of examples!

Slideshow Images

1. Cut the heads off two toothbrushes with slanted bristles.

2. Do not use toothbrushes with straight bristles for this project, or your robot will not work.

3. Peel the paper backing off the bottom of the breadboard to expose the sticky tape.

4. Mount the battery holder to the sticky tape, as shown. Make sure it is centered on the breadboard.

5. Insert the AAA batteries into the battery holder. Press the flat ends of the batteries up against the metal springs.

6. Attach the two toothbrush heads on either side of the battery holder. Make sure to mount them symmetrically.

7. Attach the two vibration motors to the sides of the breadboard using double-sided foam tape. Make sure the small weights on the motors can spin freely and not get stuck.

End of Slideshow Images

Advanced Display Boards

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Science Fair Project Display Board Checklist

What Makes for a Good Science Fair Project Display Board? For a Good Science Fair Project Display Board, You Should Answer "Yes" to Every Question
Does your display board include:
  • Title
  • Abstract
  • Question
  • Variables and hypothesis
  • Background research
  • Materials list
  • Experimental procedure
  • Data analysis and discussion including data chart(s) & graph(s)
  • Conclusions (including ideas for future research)
  • Acknowledgments
  • Bibliography
Yes / No
Are the sections on your display board organized like a newspaper so that they are easy to follow? Yes / No
Is the text font large enough to be read easily (at least 16 points)? Yes / No
Does the title catch people's attention, and is the title font large enough to be read from across the room? Yes / No
Did you use pictures and diagrams to effectively convey information about your science fair project? Yes / No
Have you constructed your display board as neatly as possible? Yes / No
Did you proofread your display board? Yes / No
Did you follow all of the rules pertaining to display boards for your particular science fair? Yes / No
Free science fair projects.