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Science Fair Project Shopping List

Before starting your science project it is wise to make sure you have gotten all the materials and equipment together. Each project from the Science Buddies Project Idea Library has a detailed Materials & Equipment section that lists what you will need for that project and where to buy it. You can also visit our Science Fair Approved Suppliers page for a list of retailers by area of science.

If you prefer one-stop shopping, try our Science Fair Projects with Kits.

During your shopping remember that you will also need supplies for making your Display Board if you plan on showing your project at a science fair.

To make a good science project display board you will need:

Elmer's Foam Tri-Fold  and Corrugated Cardboard Science Fair Project Display Boards
Elmer's Tri-Fold Display Boards are available in foam or corrugated cardboard and in a selection of colors.

Elmers E140 E145 E151 E143
Elmer's Board Mate® Adhesives

To make your science project display board really stand out consider one or more of these items:

Additional Supplies

If you are constructing a big display board for a top-level science competition you'll need additional supplies. First, look at the Big Display Boards for Top Fairs page to decide what type of board you want to make. Once you've decided, you will need many of the items above along with:


Elmer's ® Project Solution supplies are available at:

Buy display board making materials at Walmart   Target logo for shopping suppliers   Buy display board making materials at Michaels   Buy display board making materials at Joann's   Buy display board making materials at  A.C. Moore   Buy display board making materials at Amazon  Buy display board making materials at Kroger  Buy display board making materials at Meijer

Product selection may vary by retailer.

For more information on how to make good science fair project display boards consult these resources: