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The Build a Gauss Rifle Kit (SB-GAUSSRF) kit can be used with the Science Fair Project Ideas listed below. Click on any project below to see the full information. Using the tabs on the project, you can view background information and the steps of the experimental procedure.

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Science Fair Project Idea
What can you do with magnets and ball bearings that makes a lot of noise? Why, build a magnetic linear accelerator, called a Gauss rifle, of course! Now, this magnetic accelerator is not a weapon, but a way for you to learn a lot more about physics concepts, like momentum. In this physics science project, you will investigate how far a ball bearing launched by a Gauss rifle will fly, depending on how many magnetic acceleration stages are in the setup and the ball bearing's initial velocity.… Read more
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Time Required Very Short (≤ 1 day)
Prerequisites None
Material Availability For your convenience a kit is available for this project from our partner Home Science Tools.
Cost Low ($20 - $50)
Safety A Gauss rifle (also called a magnetic linear accelerator) is not a weapon. It can however, launch metal balls at high speeds. Do not aim the device at anyone or anything. Do not put your hand in front of the projectiles. Read and follow closely the important safety notes at the beginning of the Experimental Procedure before you begin.

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