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SimPandemic simulation model by Science Buddies.

Reopening the U.S. Economy: Arguments For and Against

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Coronavirus simulations decipher arguments for and against reopening the economy. Less▲

Having passed the peak of the first and hopefully only wave of coronavirus infection, there are important questions about how fast to reopen the U.S. economy. This short video uses coronavirus simulations run in the SimPandemic simulator to explain some of the arguments for and against reopening.

In the Sandbox at the bottom of this page, you can use SimPandemic to explore each coronavirus model in the video, make adjustments of your own, or try entirely different interventions.

View all simulations (and settings) from the above video in the Sandbox. Try your own modifications! Less▲

This Sandbox contains all of the simulations used in the above video. For each one you can see the settings by selecting the View Settings button. If you repeatedly press View Next until the very last graph, you can then select Customize Settings to adjust any parameter to see its effect.

SimPandemic is an easy-to-use, yet powerful simulation tool to learn how the coronavirus pandemic evolves, enabling you to choose, explore, and witness the outcome of different scenarios. Ask, "What if?" and see what happens in the Sandbox. You can alter almost every parameter used in the simulation to test your own assumptions and those of others. See the FAQ for detailed information about our design objectives, the underlying technology, and how to use the app. For SimPandemic Notebooks on additional pandemic topics, please go to the Library.


Use these buttons to View or Customize any variable in the Sandbox.

View Settings Customize Settings Re-run
For Simulated Population of  
Total Infections    
Hospitalized (% of capacity)  
Total Deaths
Caused by Pandemic    
Expected from All Other Causes    
The Economy
Economic Output (% full)  
Avg. Pandemic Unemployment  
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