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Teacher Tools Science Fair Information Night

Science Fair Information Night

Key Objective

The key to science fair success is making sure the parents of your students are excited, informed, and ready to encourage their children. This dynamic and informative PowerPoint® presentation will set the parents, the students, and you up for a successful science fair. Parents will be informed and the doors to communication will be opened so they are involved from the very beginning.


Appropriate for any grade level.


The Science Fair Information Night tool is an excellent way to get parents excited about helping their children through the science fair process. By downloading the PowerPoint presentation from the Resources box below, you can give the parents a positive and informative picture of how the science fair project process will go. Features of the PowerPoint include:

The Science Fair Information Night Outline is a Word document handout for the parents, available for download below. This will save toner, since you will not have to print out the vivid PowerPoint for each parent, but can give them an outline that will still provide them with all the essential information from the PowerPoint.


Step 1: Set up a Science Fair Information Night at your school during Step 4 of the "Tips: Guiding Student Assignments" in the Teacher's Guide to Science Projects.

Step 2: After arrangements are made, send home a slip with your students, asking parents to let you know whether or not they will be attending.

Step 3: Prepare your materials for the Information Night in advance.

Step 4: Make copies of the Science Fair Information Night Outline to hand out to the parents as they arrive so they can take notes as you go through the PowerPoint. For those parents who cannot attend, you can send copies of the outline home with their children.

Below are a few tips for presenting.


Use the following resources for this Science Project Enrichment Tool:


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