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STEM Activity
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Have you ever stretched and launched a rubber band at someone? Put that energy to good use and build a rubber band-powered cotton ball launcher in this fun activity! Read more
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Follow along with a Science Buddies parent who is using family STEM activities to keep her kids learning at home during the COVID-19 school shutdown. New posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Today's adventure... building a cotton ball launcher. Rubber Bands — A Simple Frustration-Easer How is it going for you? I'll be honest, it hasn't been a great day here. Today was one of those days where nothing goes right: four cranky family members,… Read more
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Father's Day is coming up! Creative STEM activities are a fun way for kids to make something with that perfect DIY flair to mark the day. STEM Activities to Make or Do and Give! Giving something to celebrate Father's Day (or Mother's Day) should be simple. It doesn't have to cost a lot to make something one-of-a-kind and special to give. Many of the ideas highlighted below use materials you can probably find around the house. Try one of these 10 science… Read more
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