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Area of Science
If you're interested in object motion and enjoy building things or taking mechanical things apart to see how they work, then it sounds like you'd be interested in mechanical engineering. Read more
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STEM Activity
No one, not even a very strong human, is strong enough to lift a truck. However, our brains are smart enough to create a tool that can lift heavy objects for us: hydraulic lifts! You find them in body shops, on skyscraper construction sites, in wheelchair lifts, and in dentist chairs, and you will even build one in this activity! Try it out and discover how much more you can lift. Read more
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Science Fair Project Idea
Can you lift a car? No? You say you are not strong enough? True, our bodies are not built to lift heavy loads like cars. Fortunately, our brains are smart enough to harness the power of fluids, like water and oil, to create hydraulic lifts. By pushing a button on a hydraulic lift, a mechanic can easily raise a car with one finger. Lifts can also be used to raise lots of other heavy loads - even such massive things as steel girders to construct a skyscraper! In this mechanical engineering… Read more
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