How to Make Paper Circuits

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Area of Science
Stop for a minute and try to imagine your world without electrical power and electronic gadgets. No convenient appliances in the kitchen, no electric lights. No computers, MP3 players, television, or video games. Your life would be completely different, wouldn't it? Electricity and electronics are so central to modern life that, paradoxically, they're easy to overlook. Read more
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STEM Activity
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Do you like arts and crafts projects like drawing, painting, cutting shapes out of construction paper, or origami? Instead of drawing that bright sun or lights in a house, imagine adding real lights to your artwork! This project will show you how, by introducing you to the world of electronics with "paper circuits." Paper circuits are made with just a few simple items; you can use a battery and some copper tape to add tiny lights to your project. The best part is that it is easy to do, and you… Read more
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Blog Post
Father's Day is coming up! Creative STEM activities are a fun way for kids to make something with that perfect DIY flair to mark the day. STEM Activities to Make or Do and Give! Giving something to celebrate Father's Day (or Mother's Day) should be simple! It doesn't have to cost a lot to make something one-of-a-kind and special to give to Dad, a father figure, or another special person. Many of the ideas highlighted below use materials you can probably… Read more
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Blog Post
Use these free STEM lessons and activities to help students get hands-on building, testing, and exploring the science of circuits. The free STEM lessons and activities below guide students in designing, building, testing, and troubleshooting circuits. In these activities, students will learn about series and parallel circuits; open, closed, and short circuits; the importance of conductive and insulating materials; voltage, current, resistance, and… Read more
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Science Fair Project Idea
"Paper circuits" are a fun way to mix electronics and art by adding lights directly to a painting or drawing. These lights need a battery to power them, and typically you would use wires to connect them. In paper circuits, though, many materials can be substituted as "wire," including special types of paint, ink, and even aluminum foil. There are also different options for what type of battery you can use. Which materials do you think will work best? Try this project to find out! Read more
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