Will 200 Sticky Notes Hold My Weight?

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STEM Activity
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A popular science demonstration shows that when you overlap the pages of two phone books, they are nearly impossible to pull apart. Since most people do not have two phone books sitting around, we will show you how you can do the same experiment with sticky notes. Sticky notes are much smaller than phone books, so they should be easy to pull apart, right? Try this activity to find out! Read more
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Blog Post
STEM videos help explain science and engineering in engaging, accessible ways. These short videos tackle some cool science concepts! Watch and share to help our nonprofit organization get noticed in the Veritasium Contest. At Science Buddies, we know that great videos can bring science and engineering to life for a wide range of viewers. Whether you use them at the start of class, for homework, or as part of a science lesson, we know educators make… Read more
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Science Fair Project Idea
Have you ever heard that two phone books with the pages interleaved are impossible to pull apart? This might seem crazy, right? It is not that hard to slide a sheet of paper off the top of a stack of paper. How much friction can there really be between sheets of paper? In this experiment, you will use pads of sticky notes instead of phone books. How much weight can they support when you interleave the pages? Do you think you will be able to pull them apart by hand? The results might surprise… Read more
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