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Identify Road Signs with Google's Teachable Machine

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STEM Activity
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How do driverless cars know how to recognize different road signs? They use something called machine learning. In this activity you will teach a computer to recognize different road signs using photos that you take yourself and a tool called Teachable Machine by Google®. The better the training data, the more accurately the program will be able to recognize different types of signs. Read more
Science Fair Project Idea
Driverless cars use machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence, to identify road signs and other things they encounter on the road, like pedestrians and other vehicles. In this project you will take your own pictures of different types of road signs and use machine learning to identify the signs using a free online tool (no programming is required). You will then attempt to improve your machine learning model so it can identify signs in a variety of environments. Read more
Blog Post
Planning an hour of code with students for Computer Science Education Week? Try these projects and activities to help students explore computer coding now and after! It's easy for students to get started learning about computer programming and video game and app design. Basic coding involves writing an algorithmic set of steps that tell a computer exactly what to do. No matter what language or programming environment will be used, learning to write… Read more
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